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Wonde Harbor Restaurant is equipped with a brand new large LED screen and first-class audio and karaoke systems, which is suitable for various large and small wedding banquets, birthday celebrations, and company banquets and annual meetings. The restaurant provides customers with free use of the audio and video system and free WiFi Internet access. Wonde Harbor Restaurant has a dedicated takeaway department for barbecued dim sum, with top quality and reasonable prices. You can order it in-person or online. What we pursue is to make Wonde Harbor Restaurant a private kitchen for every consumer. Consumption, big or small, is treated equally. Wonde Harbor Restaurant employs a team of famous Cantonese chefs and top barbecue and dim sum masters to create top dim sum, barbecue and exquisite Cantonese and Hong Kong-style dishes, subverting the traditional business model and providing a full range of consumer services at noble but not expensive prices.

凯悦华达大酒楼配备有全新的LED 大屏幕和一流的音响、卡拉OK 系统,适合各种大小型婚宴、生日庆典及公司行号举办餐会、年会。酒楼免费提供客户使用音响视讯系统、提供免费WiFi上网服务。 凯悦华达大酒楼设有专门的烧腊点心外卖部,顶级的品质,合理的价格,可以堂购也可以网购。我们追求的是,让凯悦华达大酒楼成为每一位消费者的私人厨房。大小消费,一视同仁。 凯悦华达大酒楼聘请粤菜系名厨团队和顶级烧腊、点心大师共同打造顶级点心、烧腊和精致粤港风味菜肴,颠覆传统经营模式,以高贵而不贵的价格提供全方位的消费服务。

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